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There's more to Columbus than OSU's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
There's more to Columbus than OSU

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Bartitsu [11 Apr 2015|09:28am]

Other than the Royal Arts Fencing Academy is there anywhere else that teaches classes in it?
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Help? [24 Dec 2013|05:14pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Need a little hand here. Need to come up with approximately $298.00 between now and August. It's to bring someone very special to me out to visit me for my birthday for two weeks. Anyone need their house cleaned? Car washed? Kids babysat? This is really important to me. Thanks . . . .

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[04 Oct 2013|08:20pm]

Any one have any recommendations as to where I can take my van to get my water pump replaced for a decent price? It's not gone yet but it's packing it's bag. I went to Tuffy for an estimate [and to see WHERE my car was leaking antifreeze from] and they quoted me $560 for parts and labor, but I'd rather not pay that much, especially as I don't really have that kind of money.

My dad said he could do it if I get the parts but it also depends on time and weather [lousy bipolar Ohio weather] and depending on how my mom is doing. [She fell and cut her leg open]. But my parents also live in Cincinnati.

I joked with my wife about if I could find someone to do it, I'd pay them in food. I know ... bits and peices of how to do it [I helped my dad replace one on a different car years and years ago] but I don't trust myself to do it this time around.
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Open Sangha [11 Aug 2013|09:55am]


Every Thursday, at 7 PM, we invite you to join us for our regular gatherings

Columbus Open Sangha gathers are intended to be interactive and inclusive. We seek to have members not only learn from respected teachers in the local and national community, but from each other as well.

Our evening schedule normally goes...

  • Arrival - enjoy a cup of tea and socializing

  • 20 minutes of sitting meditation (quick instruction for new members)

  • Dharma Share (varies - see below)

  • Relax, socialize, and depart

Dharma Share
Each gather, the Dharma Share takes place in one of a number of different formats.

  • A talk from an invited Dharma teacher (potentially someone local, state-wide, or out of state)

  • The “My Dharma talks”, a discussion lead by one of our members on how they view a teaching of the Buddha and how it impacts their lives.

  • A group listening to a Dharma teaching (either read or via multimedia) and discussion by the group.

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Steampunk In Columbus! [01 Apr 2013|06:55pm]

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

On Saturday April 13th The Airship Archon Columbus's premier Steampunk group will be invading the Laughing Ogre at 4258 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214. If you have ever had an interest in anything Steampunk come on down and talk with the crew. We will be talking about clothes, props, movies, games, comics and of course our growing sub-culture. So come on out, have a good time and support two local organizations The Laughing Ogre and The Airship Archon!

archon_logo w_small
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Free movie and free swag! [07 Feb 2013|12:13am]

Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob will be showing Mega Python vs. Gatoroid at this Saturday's midnight show. It's part of the regular free monthly series at the Grandview Theatre (1247 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212).

This Saturday's show will have free swag for everyone in attendance from The Asylum (while supplies last).
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Place to sell older printers/electronics? [09 Oct 2012|02:36pm]

My company has about 4 or 5 decent color printers sitting around collecting dust and I am trying to find out if there's a place I can sell them to in Columbus. Does anyone know of a place or places that buy such things as laser printers? I've tried doing searches for companies on the Internet but I haven't had much luck. I may not be using the right terminology. If I have to, I can donate the printers, but the extra cash would be helpful to us.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.
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Cat in need of good home [03 Oct 2012|11:58am]


Long story short, about three months ago we were alerted by our landlord about a cat wandering around our apartment complex. We offered to pick it up for our landlord so she wouldn’t get run over, but because we already have two cats and a dog already, we decided we wouldn’t keep her long term. A friend out of state offered to take her once he could afford to get her home.

Our friend is now having apartment troubles and doesn’t know when they’ll be fixed. So after talking to him, we’ve decided that it’s a better option to try and find her a home here in Columbus. We already have other animals to take care of, and keeping her healthy and fed has been a bit of a drain on our admittedly strained wallets.

Mommy, as we’ve been calling her, is FREE TO A GOOD HOME!

If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area and want a cat or know someone who does, PLEASE send me a message. We’re willing to work with people who are out of town or even out of state!

She’s a quiet cat who doesn't bother people much. While not super snuggly, she loves to stand by you and rub against your hand or get scratches on the head, and maybe talk to you for a while. She’s not spayed yet, but otherwise she is in great health and is ready to go.

If we could hold her until our friend got stuff sorted out, we would. But between his apartment having troubles and us being absolutely dirt poor, we don’t have much of a choice. We’ve turned to every cat shelter in the city, and have found them all full. Our only other option right now is to turn her out on the street or hold her until she finds a home, and the latter is really starting to pile up on costs. :\

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Sale for New Orleans! [22 Sep 2012|04:47pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey, neighbors!

My friend is trying to go to New Orleans, Louisiana for a vacation so she's decided to hostess a yard sale next weekend!

Friday 28 September - 10-5
Saturday 29 September - 10-6
Sunday 30 September - 10-6

She is at 2550 Indianola Avenue, at the corner of Hudson and Indianola.

...and more!

Everything must go!

Posted via LjBeetle

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New Community Manager? [12 Jul 2012|10:58am]

Hi All.
So, I created this community about a billion years ago. I haven't been using LJ for several years and I'm pretty sure that's the case for all the other people listed as moderators, too.  Looks like it's still active-ish...anyone want to take over? 
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Looking to buy a car [09 Jul 2012|10:19pm]

Probably a long shot buuuuuuuuuut

I'm a student looking for a car. It doesn't have to be something fancy or swanky, just something that doesn't chuzzle gas like crazy and doesn't need a ton of repairs. I've got about $600 set aside for a down payment, and I'm willing to negotiate payments. If anyone's looking to sell, I'm interested in buying; you can send me a PM if you or anyone you know is selling. Thanks. :)
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Laser eye surgery [06 Jul 2012|06:59pm]

Can anyone recommend a good doctor/practice for laser eye surgery? I want to get Lasik done this summer, and my insurance includes about 50 places around here so I'd like some first hand reviews. Thanks!
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Book donations? [04 Jun 2012|09:29pm]

Does anyone know of a great place where I can donate my books?

They're in good, clean condition. I have books ranging from adult reading level to a child's reading level. I found out about Nationwide Children's books for kids program but wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything. Thanks.
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Can audio installation [31 May 2012|12:57pm]

Aside from Best Buy, any recommendations on where I can get a satellite radio docking station installed? I have everything, just need the installation.
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I don't know how many cosplayers we have in this group, but it's worth a shot. [31 May 2012|09:34am]

So my sister has an assignment she needs to do for photography class, and she decided to do Cosplay. I only know ... 2 people who cosplay here in Columbus [myself and the wife] but my sister needs more. Even though I had a couple costumes, she wants more than just the same two people for some reason. Silly girl.

Anyone who is willing to help her out, unfortunately, she can't really pay you for your time, but it would be great if anyone could help her out.

She just made a post in the FB group for Ohayocon, to give you a general idea of who I'm talking about lol. She's already coming up to my apartment on Saturday, June 2nd, so I'm sure if you're in the Columbus area, Saturday would be best.

She's given me permission to post her cell number so folks can text her if interested, but I'm going to be interesting and type it out with letters instead of numbers: five one three-eight two four-zero nine seven four
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[01 May 2012|01:04pm]

My washer machine broke, and I'm looking for someone to fix it as it isn't covered by our landlords. Does anyone have any suggestions for a repairman?
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Restaurant delivery? [21 Apr 2012|03:50pm]

I'm temporarily in Columbus to help out my mom, who is under doctor's orders not to drive or even ride in a car for the next week. Can any of you refer me to restaurant delivery services in Columbus? We're in 43209 (Berwick) if that matters.
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[04 Apr 2012|02:20pm]
Hello. What ISP does everybody use? I am currently with Insight and would like to switch. I was looking at WOW, but my lovely mother owes them money under my name. So, what else is out there? I only ever really hear about these two. TIA! :)
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Looking for young male actor [21 Mar 2012|10:27am]

Anybody know of any 13-14 year old males that would like to be in a film? i need one to play Young Johnny(killer)

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Actors and Locations [06 Mar 2012|10:07am]

Hello Everybody,
My name is James and I am making a indie film.

The film is about 5 college kids getting away for spring break.
They are attacked by the previous accupant that has got released from prison.
Now back he is killing them off one by one.

I am also looking for a few locations for the film.

If you would like to see more about it please goto the below web pages...


-James Maynard
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