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columbus's Journal

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There's more to Columbus than OSU
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Hello and welcome!

Our goal here is to develop a community of Columbus LJ'ers that can get to know each other better online and in person! You do not need to have a Columbus address to join and participate. This community has an ever-expanding memories section, so please review it to see if your question has already been answered.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

Please keep posts in some way relevant to our shared geography. Off topic posts will be deleted. We may first make a comment notifying you why your post is being deleted, so that you will still have the original text in case you would like to edit and re-post.

Posts with comments disabled will be deleted without warning.

Please keep your posts limited to once a week. If you regularly promote related activities, you may alternately post a calendar of events with a link to a relevant website.

This community is not a charity. Don't solicit here excessively for free items, rides, moving help, job leads, legal advice etc. If you're seeking donations or volunteers on behalf of an organization, you are exempt.

To buy/sell/trade in Columbus, we recommend the osugaragesale community. If you use the columbus community to post an item for sale, you may do so only once. All subsequent posts will be deleted.

Please kindly place photos and large portions of text behind an lj-cut tag. Thanks!

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