Guess Who (lightsdarkangel) wrote in columbus,
Guess Who

Any one have any recommendations as to where I can take my van to get my water pump replaced for a decent price? It's not gone yet but it's packing it's bag. I went to Tuffy for an estimate [and to see WHERE my car was leaking antifreeze from] and they quoted me $560 for parts and labor, but I'd rather not pay that much, especially as I don't really have that kind of money.

My dad said he could do it if I get the parts but it also depends on time and weather [lousy bipolar Ohio weather] and depending on how my mom is doing. [She fell and cut her leg open]. But my parents also live in Cincinnati.

I joked with my wife about if I could find someone to do it, I'd pay them in food. I know ... bits and peices of how to do it [I helped my dad replace one on a different car years and years ago] but I don't trust myself to do it this time around.
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There's a place on Karl . . . I can't remember what it's called, though, but their signs they have out imply they do a lot of stuff more than just brakes and tire rotations.

I think it's down by Karl and Elmore or something. I hope you're able to get it sorted!
I actually found the water pump for $50 at Napa, so my game plan is to call around to see who gives me the best deal to install it (or ask my wife's uncle who loves working on cars). So that helps too.
I've been taking my cars to AAA on Grandview for years. I'm a member so I get 10% discount on labor. They were able to give me a better deal on brakes a few years back than NTB because of the labor discount. If you're a member they may be able to offer a better price.
Mad Hatter over off Sullivant. Good prices and was cheaper than any other place when I had to have a car worked on a few years ago.
MadHatter is AWESOME and cheap! But it's only a muffler/exhaust shop. :(
Exactly. The only do exhaust systems. If they did car repair they way they covered the muffler it would be the best shop in the freaking world.