Guess Who (lightsdarkangel) wrote in columbus,
Guess Who

Any one have any recommendations as to where I can take my van to get my water pump replaced for a decent price? It's not gone yet but it's packing it's bag. I went to Tuffy for an estimate [and to see WHERE my car was leaking antifreeze from] and they quoted me $560 for parts and labor, but I'd rather not pay that much, especially as I don't really have that kind of money.

My dad said he could do it if I get the parts but it also depends on time and weather [lousy bipolar Ohio weather] and depending on how my mom is doing. [She fell and cut her leg open]. But my parents also live in Cincinnati.

I joked with my wife about if I could find someone to do it, I'd pay them in food. I know ... bits and peices of how to do it [I helped my dad replace one on a different car years and years ago] but I don't trust myself to do it this time around.
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