saintwithasw0rd (saintwithasw0rd) wrote in columbus,
Anyone know where in Columbus I can buy wakame seaweed?
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August 29 2013, 00:03:25 UTC 1 year ago

There's an Asian store at the corner of High and Olentangy Street. There's a Giant Eagle at that same intersection, directly across the street.

I hope that helps. :)


August 29 2013, 00:48:30 UTC 1 year ago

Sweet, thanks.


September 4 2013, 19:40:33 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  September 4 2013, 19:42:45 UTC

also, you may find something at Tensuke market on old henderson - same group of shops with Akai Hani... also there is an asian grocery across the street from Graceland shopping center just north of Morse on high.