saintwithasw0rd (saintwithasw0rd) wrote in columbus,

Buying local beef

I am looking for a local farm that sells grass-fed, ethically-treated cow meat.

Can anyone recommend a place that they know that the cows are treated well and the meat is good?

The last place I tried, the meat was really tough and fatty.
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April 25 2012, 20:31:39 UTC 2 years ago

Normally I shop at the Blues Creek Farm counter at North Market. Really nice family owned farm, who has offered farm tours in the past and are pretty open about their farming practices. They even provide special cuts/products with enough notice, and will let you know upfront if they sourced from a neighboring farm instead of their own heard.


April 25 2012, 21:27:00 UTC 2 years ago

Sweet, thanks.